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Here’s your semi-regular update of scary and exciting things…

A little something from an awesome comic called East of West by Jonathan Hickman…


I thought this was pretty cool. Dallas TX is rolling out public access trauma kits, much like the AEDs you see everywhere in public places. It’ll be interesting to see them in use. HERE is the article. You should be carrying your own IFAK, but it helps to know where these are if you see them.

In case you forgot since the last ebola epidemic, we’re not really that safe in our nation of ‘modern’ hospitals.


The United States is covered in a map of landfills. Even though most people prefer not to know where their trash goes, knowing where these are could provide innumerable resources after an apocalypse. People are wasteful these days and throw away thing that will be treasures after a bad event. HERE is a neat graphic to provide you a little more in on what’s in landfills.

Here’s a potential post-apocalypse bicycle for you…


After my last post mentioning books by Shawn Clay (Twitter @georgiazombies), he told me that several great things are in the works. His books will be available in the gift shop in the Woodbury Shoppe in Senoia GA. If you’re not familiar, a big part of the Walking Dead is filmed in this area. Expect big things from this guy!

When The Zombie Apocalypse Comes, You’re Toast…(A practical guide on how not to become “that guy” when everything goes south) by Shawn Clay

 Will You Be Ready? The Family Man’s Guide to Basic Preparedness by Shawn Clay

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In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”






Hurry, Read These Ebola Updates Before It’s Too Late

Here’s a brand new swatch of updates for you on ebola…

A friend of mine just came out with a new book, The Ebola Survival Planning Guide. I served with this guy in the Marine Corps, and we worked together as partners on an ambulance. In other words, he knows his stuff. I’ve seen him in situations where bad guys ran around with guns and also in places where the germs were the bad guys. I recommend you check it out.

As soon as he announced it, I bought a copy on my Kindle reader. Here’s the review I posted on Amazon-

“Oh my goodness. Ebola is everywhere right now, at least in the media. Who knows, it might actually be everywhere soon. Like most people, I’ve been reading the news articles about it. One thing I noticed that few of them mention are concrete ways to stay safe. To avoid scaring people, the media errs on the side of not giving enough information.
That’s why I went looking for a book on Amazon. I’m glad I found this resource. This book not only told me how to stay safe from the ebola epidemic, but also took it a step or two or three further. The book goes into detail about ways I can also protect my family and my home before, during, and after an epidemic.
I would highly recommend this book if you want to know the facts without being paranoid and seek protective measures before you need them.”


Click HERE if you’d like to see what all the fashionable people in Dallas and various other places are wearing this season.

UN Envoy: Ebola Cases Doubling Every 3-4 Weeks

I speak a lot of gloom and doom because I want you to be prepared, but, if you’d like to help with the crisis as well, here’s a way- World Vision.

ebola-world vision

Scientists tell us that ebola is unlikely to go airborne…until it does.

Word is, the Pentagon is training an ebola crisis team to handle in-country situations. A great decision by the President and his band of idiots, since this was done years ago on TV on Medical Investigation. The show didn’t last long, but the folks in charge should buy the DVD’s and see what other great ideas they can put into play. Or maybe they should hire Neal McDonough to run their team. He played a doctor on TV and should be able to do a better job.

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Ebola is Not the Kind and Friendly Disease the Media Tells You It Is

The current ebola crisis is raging out of control. What started out as a small African flare up has turned into what could quite possibly become a pandemic.

Let’s examine just a few new occurrences since last we spoke.

Ebola has descended upon Dallas, TX by way of an air passenger from Liberia. Here’s a great ARTICLE from the NY Times that shows his travel timeline. He died shortly after his arrival. If you think this is the only person in America with active ebola, then you may as well just go ahead and say that you trust the government and media implicitly.

Nina Pham, a nurse who treated him, now has ebola. Despite the fact that all the major health organizations tell you how hard it is for anyone to be infected, we now have several health professionals in several countries infected…despite all possible precautions. Perhaps it’s easier to transmit than suspected? Perhaps it’s already mutated? Hazmat suits not enough?

Here’s one that I’ve been preaching at medical conferences for years…hospitals and public health agencies in the United States simply are not equipped to handle mass infection incidents, or, as the evidence in Dallas shows, even incidents with a single person infected. Check out this ARTICLE from USA Today on Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Speaking of mutations, it turns out that dogs belonging to persons infected with ebola are being quarantined or killed. Here’s an ARTICLE from the Washington Post. The simple reason would be because the dogs might possibly be reservoirs for the pathogen and not actually infected. Understandable. But what if they become infected? What if animals or even just mammals become infected carriers and not just reservoirs? The saving grace in all apocalyptic zombie movies is that the animals are seldom infected, but what if they were. You see this in The Other Dead comic book by Kevin Eastman (the creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who incidentally were created from a manmade bioweapons).

If ebola becomes a disease driven by zoonotic hosts, can you imagine the potential for spread and mutation?

In a misguided effort to halt ebola infected persons from travelling, many airports are now screening travelers. We’re sure this will work, right? Check out this ARTICLE, which gives you an idea of how many people are actually screened. This brings to mind a plotline in Chuck Palahniuk’s book Rant: the Oral Biography of Buster Casey. As an expert in speculative fiction and its ramifications on the future, I’ve been saying for years how certain things would come to pass. In the book, travelers are screened by body temperature because of a worldwide epidemic of rabies. Now, we’re going to start screening a few people here and there at airports for elevated body temperature.

Think it will work? Nah, me neither.

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Updates on the Impending End Time- Ebola, Comic Books, and a Coming Winter

You should know by now from my previous posts that I’m an equal opportunity apocalypse kind of guy. I don’t believe it will come from one solitary source, but, rather, from a conflagration of events that all happen in a similar time period. With that said, I’d like to offer you an update on various potentialities that may occur.

I love to draw inspiration for potential events from fiction. I’m also a big comic book geek. Here’s a few comic books you may enjoy for a graphical representation of the apocalypse.

ONI Press has a title called The Bunker that deals with choices we make that influence events. Check out the Amazon page for a good description. It sounds like a good title, but I couldn’t secure a review copy to check it out for you.

I was really glad to see Chuck Dixon’s revival of Winterworld pop up at IDW. I’ve always been a fan of Dixon’s work from my wee childhood. His series deals with a post-apocalyptic world experiencing an eternal winter. For you Game of Thrones fans, winter isn’t coming. It’s already here. I am reading this series, and I love it! The previous version is out in trade paperback, single issues of the new series are available, and the trade of the current one is available for pre-order. You simply have to love the idea of a pet badger.


I picked up the first issue of Aspen’s Lola series just to check it out. It was kind of ho-hum. Future issues might show a unique spin on a post-disaster US, but the first issue just reminded me of everything that’s already been done and overdone. The covers for the series are great if you like badass apocalyptic chicks, but the character just doesn’t match the view.

I am a huge fan of Matt Hawkins’ comic books. He’s a main guru over at Top Cow, so I’d recommend picking up any of his works. Two of my favorites for apocalypse-related themes are Aphrodite IX, which takes place in the far future and also Wildfire. Although Wildfire hasn’t gone total big bad end of time yet, it might. It centers around the genetically modified food issue, which is one that is high on my list of potential causes for the end of days. One of the best aspects of his books is that although the book might be fiction, he presents a science class section at the end that explains the real science behind the story.


Ever wondered how dangerous a storm surge might be to various areas of the United States? Click HERE and wonder no more. I live in the coastal southeast US, no more than a mile from the ocean, so I know that a large enough storm will put my house underwater.

Your distance from trouble might be the only thing that saves you during a bad event. Check out this ARTICLE from Suarez International.

HERE is a link to CSPAN hearings on the ebola crisis. You know you love watching self-effacing politicians talk on CSPAN. Even so, despite the politicians, there’s a great deal of good information that is presented in the testimonies.

A little truth-telling about the ebola crisis occurs in this article from Wired magazine. We need more truth and less of the lies telling us not to worry.

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Will Ebola Be the ‘American’ Apocalypse?

I keep telling everyone that a real large scale national or international apocalypse that occurs will not be a single event like the movies, but a confluence of events that occur in different times and places. A single one type, one location event can usually be contained, but multiple events of various types will quickly overwhelm resources available to stop them.

Let’s look at America for one that could be shaping up.

It would be hard to miss the current news on ebola in Africa. It started out this year as a low-key event buried in the small news articles. One village. Only a few cases. Then another village. Then another city. Then a country and another and another.


Much of the latest news deals with an American doctor that has contracted the disease. He works for a medical ministry run by Samaritan’s Purse. I’m familiar with them because my family and my church have supported them for years. Aside from his diagnosis the big news now is that he’s coming home to the US for treatment. Articles abound about him, how he’s being transported, why, and a plethora of other topics.

He’s coming to Atlanta. It makes sense because the CDC is there. Atlanta is also considered by many to be the nexus point of the world. Since 1988 it’s been the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic and since 2005 for take-offs and landings. On average, this means over a quarter of a million passengers daily. The Atlanta metropolitan area is also the ninth largest in the country and home to over 5 million people.

If something happens and the disease gets out, this is the worst place in the world for it to happen.

Examine the potential trouble spots for something to go wrong as both he and more patients are brought to America…

  • Transport from site to airport in Africa
  • Transport by plane to Georgia with a team of medical specialists and crew on the plane
  • Transport by ground or helicopter from Dobbins Air Reserve Base to the hospital
  • Transport from there to the isolation unit
  • Time in the isolation unit as a team of medical specialists work around the clock to help
  • People including scientists, family, friends, security, and others who will be near the isolation unit or have access to biological samples
  • Eventual disposal of the remains

Can you imagine the hundreds of people involved in this and the potential for human error?

Can something go wrong and unleash a mutated ebola virus on Atlanta? Absolutely. Can it spread beyond Atlanta in a matter of hours? Absolutely.

What if something goes wrong here at the same time as another odd event in the US?

In Toledo OH there’s a problem with the drinking water. A toxin was found in the treatment plant and over half a million people are without drinking water. The OH Governor has declared a state of emergency. It’s an ordinary toxin though, the erstwhile microcystin, caused by an algae bloom in nearby Lake Erie. Here’s the kicker- residents were advised not to even boil the water.

microcystin-algae bloom-toledo

I wonder if that if that also includes showers, washing cars, recreational swimming, watering gardens and lawns, and feeding pets.

What if 500,000 people came down with something that mutated from this little bug at the same time as an American outbreak of ebola? What if the two affected areas met in the middle and both diseases mutated even more? Are there a few large metropolitan areas between Atlanta and Toledo or nearby?


Sample Tweets if you repost this article…

#Ebola makes landfall in the US

#Atlanta has their first #ebola patients

Unsafe #drinkingwater in #Toledo OH?

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MERS- WHO Says It’s NOT an Emergency Until Millions are Dead

A news report was released by the World Health Organization yesterday about MERS, or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. Interestingly, it coincided with me prepping for a lecture that I’ll be delivering in a couple of days on the relationship between communicable diseases and apocalyptic events.

The report stated that it’s not an emergency yet.

But it is…

  • Growing in severity
  • Expanding through the population
  • Strikingly similar to other respiratory outbreaks
  • Spreading with relatively unknown transmission details

Sure, it’s only killed under a 1000 people so far, so it’s only an emergency to them and not a global emergency, or at least that’s the WHO’s reasoning.

Here’s what I’d like to know and you should be asking about…

Which country will it have to hit before it’s a global emergency? The UK or the USA?

Will officials start misdiagnosing it on purpose so it doesn’t show up as MERS, but just a random flu-like thing?

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Ebola is Back!

Ebola was really popular back in the 1990’s. There was Richard Preston’s book The Hot Zone and then the movie Outbreak starring Dustin Hoffman. Those two media powerhouses made Ebola quite the chic disease and took the pressure of off AIDS and HIV. After all, with Ebola, there were no sexual overtones involved. It was just a simple communicable disease that was going to be responsible for the next Spanish flu style apocalypse.

Then it went away. Ebola just vanished off the face of earth. It was gone completely. No more infected people.


It just became less popular, but guess what? Now it’s back. A recent outbreak even rated a small mention in the international news sidebar in the paper. If you ask me, anytime a disease kills over three score people and neighboring countries close their borders, it could mean trouble.

Guinea Ebola Outbreak 2014001

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PS…April 4 update- If you’d like to help with medical care for the outbreak, click HERE for a link to Samaritan’s Purse.