Prepping for the End…Pop Culture Edition

I don’t know how many of you play any of the iterations of Call of Duty, but I thought you might find this interesting. Here are a couple of the signs from the smart home in Nuke Town.



Take those signs as a cautionary tale when you invest in your house. You can have all the cool bells and whistles in the world, but those things may not stop a bunch of gun-toting maniacs from trampling all over.

Check out the comic book pages below. Is this what it will be like for you? You’ll be the only one left standing among the people you know now.




If things get pretty bad, you’ll start eating the family pets before you venture into the long pig menu…


And just when you think it can’t get any worse, there’ll be zombie dolphins.


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In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”






The Mental Health Effects of Wildfires in Tennessee and Other Disasters

Normally, most of my posts for you guys are chock full of resources and training opportunities. Not so much this time. This is a post I want you to share with family, friends, and followers who need to be ready, at least to the Bug Out Bag level.

As many of my followers know, I live in eastern Tennessee near Chattanooga. No big OPSEC reveal there as I’m pretty public about myself (at least with what I want you to know). The recent conflagration of wildfires in the southeast did not miss our area, as we’ve had dozens nearby, but none extremely large or serious. However, Gatlinburg TN, about 1.5 hours away by tactical family vehicle (minivan) was burned to a crisp.


I saw this article in this week’s paper and wanted to show it to you, to illustrate the absolute necessity of having both a Get Home Bag and a Bug Out Bag handy.

Go ahead and read the article, and then I’ll elaborate. The highlighted sections are my own addition.


Although it might seem like it most times, not everyone is crazy and just one bad day short of a suicide attempt. Most people are very resilient and bounce back well after a short time. God made us remarkable in that sense. As you’ll see from the article, it looks like many of the most severe mental health problems from the fires are the fact that people evacuated with nothing. This problem immediately brought to mind something my friend Seth from P5 Preparedness tells everyone about Bug Out Bags…

“Have everything you need in there to survive long term and create a life somewhere else if need be. Your Bug Out Bag is there in case you need to leave home quickly and never look back.”

Even if you don’t want to be a prepper and build a bunker and stockpile 1000 years of food, you should at least be prepared at the most basic level in case you need to walk away. This isn’t necessarily for zombies, aliens, or an invasion from the Bahamas. It’s for hurricanes, wildfires, and winter ice storms. The most basic level is a Get Home Bag and a Bug Out Bag.

In assembling them, there’s a quick way and the right way. For the quick way, you can just hop online, find a list, and buy a bunch of stuff and throw it together. For the right way though, go see my friends Seth and Duke at P5 Preparedness in Chattanooga TN. They’ll not only sell you the gear. They’ll also teach you how to pack it, use it, and thrive with it. I promise, you’ll leave there with a bag in your car that is functional right then and there.

If you’re thinking about cost between the two options, you’ll pay the same or less at P5. As a matter of fact, you’ll save so much on having all that stuff shipped to your house, you could pay for a trip to Chattanooga and do it in person the right way. Even better, I live near the store. Let me know you’re visiting the guys at P5, and I’ll take you out for coffee.

No matter how you do it, don’t wait to prepare. If you do, it will always be too late.

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“I am an unyielding apocalypse.”

Here’s your semi-regular update of scary and exciting things…

A little something from an awesome comic called East of West by Jonathan Hickman…


I thought this was pretty cool. Dallas TX is rolling out public access trauma kits, much like the AEDs you see everywhere in public places. It’ll be interesting to see them in use. HERE is the article. You should be carrying your own IFAK, but it helps to know where these are if you see them.

In case you forgot since the last ebola epidemic, we’re not really that safe in our nation of ‘modern’ hospitals.


The United States is covered in a map of landfills. Even though most people prefer not to know where their trash goes, knowing where these are could provide innumerable resources after an apocalypse. People are wasteful these days and throw away thing that will be treasures after a bad event. HERE is a neat graphic to provide you a little more in on what’s in landfills.

Here’s a potential post-apocalypse bicycle for you…


After my last post mentioning books by Shawn Clay (Twitter @georgiazombies), he told me that several great things are in the works. His books will be available in the gift shop in the Woodbury Shoppe in Senoia GA. If you’re not familiar, a big part of the Walking Dead is filmed in this area. Expect big things from this guy!

When The Zombie Apocalypse Comes, You’re Toast…(A practical guide on how not to become “that guy” when everything goes south) by Shawn Clay

 Will You Be Ready? The Family Man’s Guide to Basic Preparedness by Shawn Clay

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In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





Saving Space and Money with Multi-Purpose Equipment

While my compound is being saved for, I’m living in an apartment community. I gotta tell you, too, it has convinced me more than ever that small gatherings of people who aren’t like-minded are a recipe for destruction…and that’s without the apocalypse happening.

There are a lot of dog owners around here that can’t be bothered to pick up after their pets. So my feral kids can play in the courtyard, I go out there periodically and pick up all the dog crap myself so they don’t squish it and track it in the house. Last time I did this, I left the two pound bag of dog feces on the front steps of the apartment offices. They’re still mad at me about that.

I lost my little garden shovel that I used for gathering purposes and needed another one. So, I was browsing through the store and noticed that there was only a $4 difference between a new garden shovel and a folding entrenching tool. Here’s my thought process on that purchase…

  • Not much difference in the cost
  • Surprisingly, there wasn’t much difference in the weight
  • The entrenching tool is larger and takes up more space
  • Both of them pick up poo just fine, although the entrenching tool works better
  • Both of them could be used as a weapon, but the entrenching tool makes a much better killing instrument
  • The entrenching tool can be used for way more things than the little tiny girly garden tool
  • I have dug fighting positions with an entrenching tool, but the little shovel would take forever
  • The entrenching tool can be used for gardening just as well as the little shovel
  • I can cut down trees with the entrenching tool

I think you can see where I’m going with this. I went home with a new entrenching tool, which was also an item I didn’t already have in my preps. The point I’m trying to get across is this…multi-purpose as many of your prep items as possible. It’ll help immensely in a savings of money, weight, and space.

Now that we’ve covered that, I’ll give you a few more updates for the apocalypse…

Here’s another interesting apocalyptic comic you might enjoy- Joe Golem Occult Detective- Drowning City. It’s coming out this summer.

It’s no doubt that sea levels are rising. If you’re planning your compound on the coast, be careful. There’s not telling where the coast will be.

Sea Levels Rising-NC

Read this quote in the paper recently. It was spoken regarding the civil rights movement, but applies equally as well to the end of the world…”A strange wind is blowing and it’s blowing empires away,” Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, 1960’s civil rights leader.

Have you ever wondered what’s up with the ‘sell by’ dates you see in the grocery stores? HERE’s a good article from the Wall Street Journal that covers it.

Has anyone seen the movie Air, starring Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead? I haven’t, so I’d love to post a review from any of my audience that has.


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Buy the entrenching tool, not the puny garden shovel

Intel on grocery store ‘sell by’ dates

Have you seen Air and would like to write a review for us?



If You Only have Time for This Before the World Ends…

What would you do if you only had a certain amount of time left before the apocalypse? That’s the topic of a new book my publisher has asked me to write. It deals with the idea of what you could do to prepare for the end in only one year. Keep your eyes peeled for it. If you’d like to appear in the book as a case study anonymous or public, get in touch.

Here’s an image to display where you’ll be in life if you don’t prep in time…Uh Oh.

Until the book comes out, here’s some ideas and resources for you…

Amazon Prepper store– I started a custom Amazon store with lists of resources that I use or recommend for my preps. Be sure to check it out. If you think I’m missing anything, let me know.

Ever wonder about zombies and digestion? You’re not the only one.


Lems packable shoes– I saw these foldable shoes featured on the Huckberry site a while back. I haven’t tried these out, but if they’re durable and pack this easy, they might make a great back-up pair of shoes for a bug-out bag.

Hurt Feelings– Here’s an interesting article on the real reason we need to stop protecting everyone’s feelings.

If you ever wanted to get really nerdy about your preps and get a degree in it, the University of South Carolina has a Hazards and Vulnerability Institute. Could you imagine getting paid to do all that crazy prepper stuff you do now?

USC Hazards Vulnerability Ad001

Baltimore and a Vampire Apocalypse– If you like reading not just realistic but also fanciful apocalyptic fiction, you might like the Baltimore stories by Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy. There are already quite a few graphic novels in this collection, so there’s plenty there to read for a while.

Someone sent me this the other day, and I’m not sure who to credit for its creation, but I the idea of a post-apocalypse Charlie Brown and Snoopy was too much to pass up.

Post Apoc Charlie Brown

The Division by Tom Clancy– Not sure if you guys play video games for fun or play them and call it tactical training, but this trailer for The Division presents a pretty cool apocalyptic event.

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Amazon Prepper store

Lems packable shoes

Baltimore and a Vampire Apocalypse

The Division by Tom Clancy

Hurt Feelings

Thriving in the Apocalypse is Possible

Thriving, not just surviving, in the apocalypse is possible. To up your chances of moving into that minority of people, keep checking in with the blog. Most of what you’ll see here is of the optimistic nature, even though the world might be going to crap around you.

Don’t believe me? Then read on dear friends…

I’ve been paying close attention to A. American’s Facebook page, anxiously awaiting the release of his next book, Avenging Home. It’s out on Amazon, but I’m waiting to buy it from my hometown prepper store P5 Preparedness. That way I can support him and the local business owners who I count among my friends.

If you’ve not read any of the Going Home series, I’d consider a necessary part of the education for preppers. The books are chock full of real world possibilities and life-saving skills spun into a well-crafted story about a group of people doing more than just surviving.


I’m field-testing a new cut-resistant t-shirt, and I’ll give you more info with videos later, but for now, here’s a pair of cut-resistant gloves. These should keep your digits safe in the time after whether you’re knife fighting with bad guys, fending off zombies, or just clearing trees and brush. Check out the D-ROC Lightweight NitriX Palm Coated Work Gloves. Yeah, they’re pretty expensive, but how much is a finger worth to you?

If you’d like to eat more than just Mountain House after everything falls apart, HERE is a neat fact sheet on tools for canning that can help get you started.

Last but not least, if you’re at all concerned about flooding, HERE is an amphibious house that floats. I’m on the Biblical side of things regarding worldwide flood events, but what if your retreat or home is on the downside of a dam or reservoir? Might want to check it out. As a bonus, the houses are actually pretty nice.

Floating House

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


A. American’s new book Avenging Home

P5 Preparedness

D-ROC Lightweight NitriX Palm Coated Work Gloves

The Right Kitchen Tools for Canning

Floating Houses

If China Falls, Can We Help but Do the Same?

Among the fraternity of preppers, economists, and others that I glean information from, it would still appear that China’s economy is still on a constant downward spiral. Imagine an airplane in an unrecoverable dive! China’s dive is near vertical at this point.

On that note, I saw this interesting article in the paper the other day regarding the firing of Xiao Gang, China’s securities chief. Notice the highlighted section, which basically states that this won’t change a thing.

China- Securities Chief Steps Down-001

Knowing the Chinese government and their knack for kindness and loyalty, how many of you think that both he and his family will survive the year? Or will they die suddenly in an auto collision or house fire?

The real question I pose to you dear readers, is, how can we in the US or other countries, depending on where you are, insulate on a large scale from the collapse of the Chinese economy?

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

Men Will Be Pigs Even in the Apocalypse

A good friend sent me a link to a product that grossed me out a little, but I thought needed to be shown because I’m betting some of my faithful readers who are really hard up for companionship in the apocalypse are gonna want these.

Zombie Condoms




If you buy some, you may as well buy an industrial size bottle of THIS too.

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Are You Really Ready for Much of Anything? If Not, Visit P5 Preparedness.

I’m really excited today over a few recent developments, and I also have way more information to bring than I can actually post here. I’ll do what I can, so let’s get started.


For starters, I recently moved to Chattanooga TN and chose my location partially based on a pretty awesome prepper store nearby. It’s called P5 Preparedness. Of all the prepper places I’ve ever been to, this one has the trifecta in place…

Knowledgable and friendly staff (in some places the staff are absolutely horrid). I’ve gotten to know them quite well. The owners and staff are salt of the earth kind of guys. Beyond simply owning the store and selling you quality equipment, the owners are also more than willing to go a step beyond and offer personalized consulting if that’s what you need.

Excellent inventory. The P5 store is set up like an extremely professional retail store, except their wares are the kind of stuff you’d be looking for. Imagine it as the ideal place for a dude to shop while his wife looks for clothes or gets her hair done.

Training. The shop has a weekly networking group and also regular training on topics like first aid, communications, and bug out bags. I’ve been attending the weekly groups since I moved and can attest that it is a great help. The people that drop in represent a great variety of mindsets and preparedness levels and the groups take on a discussion of best practices with a lot of input. There’s also a great mix of men and women and individuals and families because real preparedness is not just a sausage fest of nutbags. It’s just real people who want to be ready for anything from an adverse weather event to a zombie apocalypse. The networking group is really great and one of the highlights of my week.

I’ve visited other prepper stores when travelling and I always drop in to any military surplus or outdoors stores I come across. Some are good. Some aren’t. P5, however, hits a whole new mark. I would go so far as to say that P5 is a destination store. It’s worth driving from out of town just to visit and attend classes at. Chattanooga TN is also a big enough town that there’s plenty for the spouse and kids to do while you’re there, unless of course they’re also joining you in the classes. When you visit, be sure to tell them Dr. Dave sent you.

And now, to give you a few thing to think about as you plan your first trip to P5 Preparedness

Strip or Retire. There’s a great deal of information you can read on The Art of Manliness that will get you ready for the apocalypse (samurai toilet practices, for one), but this latest post on having skin in the game is a life changer for mindset.

Project Sunroof. Despite the fear many of you have that Google will herald the apocalypse, they’re still coming up with some really useful stuff. The new Project Sunroof will help you plan how best to use available solar power.

Killer Bees Are Still a Problem. As you can see from this recent incident in Riverside CA where two construction workers were killed by bees, they could still be a potential hazard during the collapse of civilization. As a matter of fact, there’s mention of a Beeclipse in the book How to Survive a Sharknado. I’m sure there’s a Syfy movie on the subject as well.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you at P5 for a class.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

How Do You Refer to the End?

I find that people have a lot of different names for the end. I can usually tell what your background is just by what you call it, whether you’re coming from a religious, scientific, pop culture, or looney bird frame of mind. I’m working on a semi-fictional book right now, and I’ve been referring to it as the collapse.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite name is.

For now, here’s your infopack of tips, tricks, and information…

As I keep telling everyone, the big collapse will likely be a confluence of many different issues. Here’s one for you from the environmental side…the acidification of the earth’s oceans. I don’t care what side of the global warming argument you’re on, the water’s slowly turning acidic is something that’s actually happening. Here’s a nifty site where you can watch it in real time- Ocean Acidification.


Keeping with this environmental theme for a moment, the EPA just released a new tool for analyzing climate patterns and stormwater management. How does this help you? Well, you don’t want to build your refuge or predeployment sites in places that will be easily flooded do you? Remember, I used to live in a hurricane zone. More than once I watched our local government entities stage supplies in flood zones and lose everything. Click HERE to check it out.

If you’re a member of USAA, and I know many of you military guys are, they have a wildfire protection service. They will actually help you set up your home for protection against wildfires. I realize their main purpose is to prevent claims, but it’s a free service that still makes you safer. Since many of you are probably building your dream homes in the woods, it might be worth checking out. If you think about it, many of the principles that will protect your home from forest fire also help in defending it from attackers. I’ll write more about that concept later.

You can find USAA insurance and banking at It’s free for veterans and their dependents to join and worth checking out.


This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!