The Election is Over, and the World Didn’t End

It doesn’t matter who you voted for, because both sides said the world would end if their candidate didn’t win. It didn’t. I still notice, though, that a certain side is protesting a fair election. Tsk, tsk.

Big news…James Wesley Rawles mentioned my book on his blog yesterday!


This is big for me. I wasn’t sure what he would think about it, and I must say that I am extremely pleased he spoke well of it. I never consulted him before writing it because I wanted to write my commentary completely impartial. Check out my book if you’re a fan of Rawles and his series that began with Patriots. Rawles is also the founder of

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While we’re talking books, I wanted to mention a new friend before I wrap up. I happened to meet a guy on Twitter, and we hit it off.. We connected over talk on the usual, i.e. zombies and the apocalypse.  We’re both like-minded preppers who aren’t nut jobs but just want to make sure our families are safe no matter what. I’m sure you know what I mean. Finding other preppers you can get along with is a lot like dating, except both sides are well-armed. He’s an author who actually lives not far from me, so you can plan on seeing some joint projects soon, including a possible video series for Youtube.

You can find Shawn Clay at @georgiazombies on Twitter. Here’s the reviews I just posted on Amazon for two of his books…

 Will You Be Ready? The Family Man’s Guide to Basic Preparedness by Shawn Clay

As a purveyor of anything apocalypse related, I really enjoyed Shawn Clay’s book on family preparedness. Most preparedness guides simply relay information. Sure, it’s good information, but it’s often given in a vacuum without considering the aspects of family. In other words, there are a lot of men out there who are really prepared for the end of the world in everything from training to stockpiles to gear, but have wives and kids who just aren’t interested. Getting the whole family involved is difficult.

I enjoy how the author approaches the subject from the point-of-view of both practicality and family and then moves forward to provide solid information on many different aspects of prepping. The book is long enough to give you a firm foundation in prepping but not so exhaustive that it is overwhelming.

I highly recommend it. As a matter of fact, now that I’m finished with this book I’m moving onto another one by him.

When The Zombie Apocalypse Comes, You’re Toast…(A practical guide on how not to become “that guy” when everything goes south) by Shawn Clay

I really enjoyed the author’s other more serious book on preparedness, so I wanted to check this one out. Besides being a serious prepper, I’m also a huge zombie junkie. This book did not disappoint me at all.

If you enjoyed the primary tome on zombie survival Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide, then you’ll love this one as well. It’s hilarious, but chock full of useful information as well. In the same way that Zombieland gave us useful rules for staying alive (Rule #1- Cardio), this book does the same. For example, no high heels ladies (or guys too if you roll that way).

The author is simply hilarious. I would love to see this book turned into a faux documentary at some point. If you want to learn some basic tips about staying alive in the apocalypse and learn about zombies at the same time, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Be sure to check him out. As a writer myself, I know how important it is to help support fellow authors, whether it’s the big guys like Rawles and A. American or the smaller ones like me and Clay.

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In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”