The End is Nigh…or Is It?

Welcome to a semi-regular compilation of prepper, survivalist, and apocalypse information.

How many of you have bought tactical pens? I’ve tried out a few, with some better than others. The latest I tried was from 5.11, and I wasn’t very pleased with it. As a weapon, it succeeds well, but as a pen it sucks. The barrel slide mechanisms don’t work well. The barrel tears on the fingers if you write for more than five seconds. You can do way better than this. On a good note, it passed through multiple airport checkpoints in my briefcase without ever being taken away.

For me, I’ll be going back to my Fisher Space Pen and use a real knife or a regular pen for my tactical needs.

5.11 Tactical Pen

Think the Feds or CDC were ready for the Ebola outbreak a couple of years ago?

Ebola-CDC-Botched Response

Ebola-CDC-Botched Response-2

Bought me a new inside the pants (ITP) holster for my Glock. Haven’t used it yet, so I’ll let you know if I like it or not in a future post. I tried to get in touch with the maker, but he never bothered to respond to any communications by e-mail or phone. Even if I like, I’m not sure I’ll pass on the company name. I hate to help companies with poor customer service skills. These are hand-made by a firefighter in Horry County SC. He makes a great product, but I’m not so sure how long his business will last.

What’s your favorite ITP holster?

Glock-Inside Pants Holster-2 (2)

Glock-Inside Pants Holster-2 (1)

The Mini Mjolnir drawing is mine. It’s what I call my baby.

With sea levels changing, how long are we going to keep spending tax money to shore up vacation rentals and beach mansions for the rich? Check out this blog to see the flipside when we abandon poor people whose homes fall into the sea.


5.11 Tactical Pen

Fisher Space Pen

Poor Alaskan Eskimos Get Shafted