It Could Easily Happen Near You. It Just Happened in Chattanooga.

If you think a mini-apocalypse will never happen near you, you’re wrong. They happen all the time. Just think about the constant flow of trucks, trains, and planes that occur around you all the time, no matter where you live or how well you prep.

It happened in Crazies. A simple plain crash near backwater Iowa and, next thing you know, people are crazy. In the pic you can barely glimpse the plane that crashed and sank into the town’s water supply.


It happened for real in 2005 in Graniteville SC. Two trains collided carrying chlorine gas, sodium hydroxide, and cresol. Next thing you, there’s a toxic gas cloud moving through town.


It happened in West TX at a fertilizer plant. The explosion was so huge that it even leveled nearby occupied apartment buildings.

<> on April 18, 2013 in West, Texas.

<> on April 18, 2013 in West, Texas.

It almost happened this week in my hometown of Chattanooga. A train recently derailed right here in town after striking a semi-truck. And, yes, some of the cars were carrying hazardous materials. They weren’t spilled, as far as we know, if you really trust the media and the authorities for that kind of thing. What you need to understand is that Chattanooga and many other places are a superbusy hub of trucking and trains, and it’s a possible catastrophe on a daily basis.


I’m not trying to scare you too much, no, wait, I am. I talk a lot about big apocalyptic events, but small miniature ones happen everyday. I’m talking about out of the ordinary events that affect your way of life. You need to be ready for them.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

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