Reviewing the Cut-Tex Pro Shirt from Body Armor USA

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I’d be playing around with a new cut and bite resistant shirt called the Cut-Tex Pro from Body Armor USA. Well, I’m finally done, at least with the formal part of the review. I’ll still be wearing the shirt, especially during deployments, and I’ll report back on anything new that I discover during regular use, especially if I get to put it to use in a cutting or biting attack.

You can see the bulk of the review process in the video below…

In addition to the video I also wanted to take a moment to explain more about my thoughts on the shirt and what was done during the field testing.

My thoughts…

  • I loved the shirt!
  • It feels really heavy to hold, but the weight of the shirt was barely noticeable during wear, exercise, while running, or while wearing a pack. I’ve worn various types of tactical body armor and even real steel armor for medieval swordfighting and this shirt is by far the most comfortable garment I’ve used.
  • I ordered my usual shirt size, and it was tight, so I’d recommend you order a size larger.
  • I tried the Cut-Tex Pro with a bodytight shirt under it and without a base layer. I preferred it with the base layer as my own preference, but it was not necessary for comfort.
  • I showed the shirt around to a prepper networking group that I belong to and they all loved it.

My recommendations…

  • Everyone in an occupation where there is high risk of slashing or biting attacks should have one of these. I’m thinking EMS, law enforcement, contractors, preppers, and zombie hunters.
  • These would make excellent uniform shirts. You can get different colors. The only thing I’m not sure about is if you can sew patches onto them.
  • On the hobby side, this would be an excellent base layer shirt under armor for LARPers and reenactors for safety reasons.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


Body Armor USA


One thought on “Reviewing the Cut-Tex Pro Shirt from Body Armor USA

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