“If you can dodge a wrench…”

Brownie points for anyone who can tell me where the quote in my title came from. I’ll let you hash that out in the comments and the Facebook page, but the premise is that if you can do this one hard thing, you can do another similar thing that’s easier.

It’s a premise that’s used in many ways and for various things. In sports it would equal training much harder than the actual event requires. In the military, it’s the old adage that the more you sweat in the training, the less you bleed in war. In the apocalypse it’s a mix of all those. Train hard now. Prepare amply now. Seek opportunities now. Don’t wait until the apocalypse and let that be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.


Alright, lecture done. Now it’s time to hand out a few resources and websites for you.

PPSS Cut, Slash, and Bite Resistant Clothing available from BodyArmorUSA.com has just released a slash resistant combat shirt. This is being marketed among public safety folks. I saw it on an EMS newsletter that I receive. I haven’t had the chance to check one out personally or inspect the testing data, but the verbiage sounds pretty cool. What I’m really curious about is how thick and heavy it is and how it feels to wear. The long sleeve version looks aesthetically pleasing and much more low key than wearing a Condor combat shirt out in public. Based on the photos, this one looks a lot like something someone would wear hiking or doing outdoorsy stuff. There’s even a solid colored short sleeve version.


Aside from post-apocalyptic wear when you’ll likely have it on all the time, I can see useful applications for it right now.

I just finished devouring A. American’s Survivalist book series based on a recommendation by Seth at P5 Preparedness in Chattanooga TN. To save some money I could devote to preps, I checked the public library to see if they had them. Here’s the answer I got in return…

Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, none of this author’s books have been made available to our library vendors, and we are unable to fulfill your order. Thank you for your patience.

I don’t know about you, but I gotta wonder if there’s something ulterior going on here.

Lastly for today, here’s a Dummies Guide cheat sheet for canning and preserving.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


Slash resistant shirt

Body Armor USA

Going Home by A. American

P5 Preparedness

Cheat sheet for canning and preserving



Kid, You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out with that Flare!

I hope you’re all doing well in what we might call a pre-apocalypse economy with heavy indicators toward instability in the near future.

I signed up for a membership for the Cairn subscription boxes. Every month I get a box of goodies related to the outdoors. For a lot of people, the items are great for outdoor recreation. If you’re like me, many of them also do double duty for prepping. So far, I’ve gotten lights, long term storage snacks, off grid power sources, and even water filters.

I’ve been getting them for three months and haven’t been disappointed by a single one. If you sign up, be sure to use my e-mail address, docbeaker@aol.com, as a referral.

Sept 2015

Orion Flares– This is a resource for you on flares and signaling devices. There are a lot of companies out there, but I always used Orion on our water rescue teams, so I’m kind of partial to them. The website has some good info, and you can even buy these on Amazon.

Just be careful. Flares are so simple that newbies like to play with them. I’ve seen people seriously burned with mishandling. They can also get a little volatile if kept unused too long. I had an old one explore in my hand once.

Minimalism- I’m a huge proponent of the minimalist philosophy. The thing about minimalism is that it looks different for everyone. I have a tribe of kids, so my version will look way different than that of a single guy. The point is that we all have too much stuff, emphasize stuff over experiences, and fall into the trap of consumerism.

How does this affect preppers? Do you know anyone who has plenty of stuff and gear but can’t start a fire without a lighter or a flamethrower? ┬áDo you know someone that has a storage house full of preps but will likely die from diabetes or a task induced heart attack the minute he tries to cut firewood?

Joshua Becker is the main guy for practical, non-extremist minimalism. You can find out all about him HERE or check out his book on it HERE.

Canning Applesauce– I’m big on teaching homesteading as part of our homeschool. As such, Layers of Learning is a group I use for resources, not just on that, but other subjects as well. This post on canning would be a great one for your little preppers. Just remember, survival isn’t just about what the adults know. Include your kids in the process as well. Make them active members and not just passive participants.


Ongoing projects- My team is working on a series of reference guides focused on several very popular prepper fiction book series’. Expect the first two to be released next year! I’ll give you more information as it progresses.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


Cairn subscription boxes

Orion Flares- website and to purchase

Becoming Minimalist– Joshua Becker’s website

Simplify by Joshua Becker

Canning Applesauce