Post Apocalypse Baseball Anyone?

We all wonder what our hobbies and interests will be like after the apocalypse. I, for one, will have to give up on my comic book collection. Sure, I’ll be able to raid comic stores and read them, but they’ll be way to heavy too keep and carry around. Chances are they’ll end up as firestarter, like the library books in The Day After Tomorrow.

Day After Tomorrow-library-apocalypse

For all you baseball fans out there, I’m sure you’ve wondered if anyone will play after the Big Bad goes down. I bet they will, in some form or another. Who knows, baseball might even end up as some kind of win or be killed game like basketball in Escape from L.A.

Escape from Los Angeles-basketball-apocalypse

Back to current real life, if we look closer at the semi-apocalypse currently going down in Baltimore, we can catch a potential glimpse of post-apocalyptic baseball. This week, the first ever fan-less baseball game was played between the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox. Imagine a professional baseball game where it’s too dangerous to allow people to watch it. Yes, this is happening now.


If you’d like a way to use the Baltimore crisis for doomsday prep training, check out my previous post on the events that occurred in Ferguson MO.

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