Trying Out the Wonderbag

My wife came across this nifty item and begged me to get one to review for the blog. I think she had an ulterior motive there. For me, I saw it as a lifesaver for life after the apocalypse.

I could go on and on about what it is, but Sarah Collins, the founder, says it much better…

“Welcome to Wonderbag, creators of the first portable, non-electric slow cooker. Founded in South Africa in 2008, we’re changing the way communities cook around the world. With the help of a simple, revolutionary cooking device, we have helped to lower the disease and death rate attributed to indoor air pollution from cooking fires while freeing up time spent cooking. The Wonderbag gives back time for family, community and even income earning potential. We’re on a mission to create a healthier cooking environment for billions … one household, one village, one community at a time.”

It’s so simple how it works, I’m completely flabbergasted I’ve never come across this before…

Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary, non-electric portable slow cooker. It continues to cook food which has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 8 hours without the use of additional electricity or fuel.”

Now, there are three main benefits that I see with the Wonderbag-

1. Right now, in the current world climate, there are a great many areas of the world where it is difficult to gather firewood or obtain cooking fuel. The Wonderbag cuts down on the need for both. In places with good access to electricity, it cuts down on the need.

2. I have four kids and we travel a lot. We also hate having to stop at fast food places along the way. The Wonderbag is marvelous for traveling. Start up a meal before leaving and bring it along in the car. By the time we stop for lunch, the food’s ready. Make a full pot and supper is also ready to go. Then repeat on the return trip.

3. In the post-apocalypse I can see this still working great for the exact same reasons and more. Firebuilding and cooking fuels may be limited. This also reduces the time using the fire, just in case you’re in a place where simply having a fire going is a beacon for trouble.

I’m sure you can come up with a hundred more. If you do, please drop them into the comments below. For instance, if you’re doing a lot of cooking for a large group, you can bring your pot to a boil and remove it from the stove, thereby freeing up another eye for cooking.

We unpacked it and tried it right away…



Between receiving the bag and writing this blog, we’ve tried it out several times with different recipes. It easily holds our largest crockpot. My wife even recently took it on a trip to her family’s house where they were going to be cooking a lot of big meals to store in the freezer. She used the bag as a cooler for the trip, to carry a big load of homemade butter she and my boys made from scratch.

It’s not often that I’m surprised by a new product, mainly because most everything out there is simply a variation. I know this concept has been around for a long time, but it’s a pleasant surprise for me. My family is completely sold on the Wonderbag.