Apocalypse Training in Ferguson MO

It’s sad what’s happening in Ferguson MO, especially since the whole thing started over a hooligan stealing cigars, but the unrest presents a rare opportunity for preppers to conduct training.

You see, right now, Ferguson MO and the surrounding areas are in a mini-apocalypse of their own. Conditions there greatly resemble the time coming when civilians will flood the streets creating their own law and their own justice. Food and other items will be scarce. You’ll encounter government checkpoints on all sides and nighttime curfews. The rule of law and respect for the authority vested in law enforcement has been tabled.

Now is the time for you serious preppers to either hide in the shelter or go operational. If you’re serious about training for the coming apocalypse, you should be on your way to Missouri right now.


Here’s how to do it right-

  • Fly or drive in somewhere outside of Ferguson in the safe zone.
  • Outfit the way you plan to during the apocalypse with a backpack, a pull wagon behind you, a motorcycle with panniers, or whatever you have planned. Outfit for no more than you can carry. Any other supplies you need have to be obtained in the zone.
  • Go on into the red zone where the violence is occurring.
  • Live there for a week. No hotels either. Live like you would in the big bad. Either stay on the street or negotiate to stay with people.
  • At the end of the week, walk out through the checkpoints and find a hotel or a campsite for a few days.
  • Complete an after-action report before you head back home and let us know how you do. We need lessons learned, mistakes made, and good stories from the inside.

So many of you talk big about being prepped for a disaster but few of you have any real operational experience. Now, let’s see how many are wiling to try it. If you’re scared, just think about the reporters that do this all the time. They’re there now. Are you more afraid than they are?

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


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